Property Development Networking Night

You’re invited to a networking night for investors to discuss property development. I’m pretty excited about this one. It’s a social setting with no agendas, no courses to spruik and no properties to sell. Just a few specialist speakers and plenty of time to network with other investors and various experts in the field.


Welcome to Castle Advisory

The new financial year is finally upon us – hopefully 2016 was a good one for you and either way, hopefully a better 2017 lies ahead. We’ve taken this opportunity to update our website after many years of providing accounting, property and business advice for our clients.


Putting It All On Red

Picture this: a small silver ball weighing 5 grams is dropped from a height of 6 inches onto a single zero roulette wheel spinning at 2.2 seconds per revolution and bounces on an angle of 36.5 degrees off the canoe between numbers 21 and 22…


Happy New Year!

Happy new year! Make sure it’s a great one. Just a quick heads-up about some handy tax time checklists for property investors, property managers, and small businesses.


Time Is Money

Like many people that I speak to, one of the first authors to grab my attention on the idea of independent wealth creation was Robert Kiyosaki. For my fourteenth birthday, I was given a copy of his first book – “If You Want To Be Rich & Happy, Don’t Go To School”.


How Do You Measure Up?

The principle in question revolves around the idea that if you don’t measure something, how can you know whether it needs improving? Or indeed, how do you know when you have actually improved it?